Getting Rid of Openbox Right-Click GUI in LXDE

Hi There,

I’m using Lubuntu, which has the LXDE desktop. Previously, when I used to right-click on the desktop, the normal menu with cut, paste, etc. used to come up. I’m not sure what happened, but somehow when I right-click “openbox” now comes up, with a bunch of links to applications, etc.

I’m hoping to get rid the “openbox” version of the right-click GUI menu. The only place I found this topic raised was on this OpenSUSE forum. So, I thought that someone here might know how to do that. Sincere thanks. Any help would be appreciated.


I use Lubuntu if I have to use something in Ubuntu (I hate that Unity Desktop like practically everyone else who has commented), but don’t see what you are describing.

Maybe you’re not running latest Lubuntu, fully updated?
Maybe a forced re-install would fix your problem?


Lubuntu 14.04, fully updated