Getting Postfix Mail Transport Agent hang

After updating OpenSuse 12.2 to the latest on the VM I created with Virtual Box, the bootup now hangs on the message

“Started Postfix Transport Agent”

I cannot update anything on OpenSuse as I cannot access the OS now. Any insights on how to solve this? Note that I have not updated VirtualBox at all that launched and ran OpenSuse 12.2 perfectly for months. It is only after applying all the updates to OpenSuse since then, that I now cannot get openSuse to run again.

VirtualBox 4.1.18 r78361 win.amd64 (Jun 5 2012 15:58:23) release log 00:00:00.627 Log opened 2013-01-18T16:00:18.540331500Z
00:00:00.627 OS Product: Windows 7
00:00:00.627 OS Release: 6.1.7601
00:00:00.627 OS Service Pack: 1
00:00:00.627 Host RAM: 8072MB RAM, available: 5013MB
00:00:00.628 Executable: C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.exe
00:00:00.628 Process ID: 4352
00:00:00.628 Package type: WINDOWS_64BITS_GENERIC
00:00:00.628 Installed Extension Packs:
00:00:00.628 None installed!
00:00:00.634 SUP: Loaded VMMR0.r0 (C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VMMR0.r0) at 0xfffff8802776c000 - ModuleInit at fffff880277831c0 and ModuleTerm at fffff88027783250 using the native ring-0 loader
00:00:00.635 SUP: VMMR0EntryEx located at fffff88027784280, VMMR0EntryFast at fffff88027783440 and VMMR0EntryInt at fffff88027783430
00:00:00.635 SUP: windbg> .reload /f C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VMMR0.r0=0xfffff8802776c000
00:00:00.652 File system of ‘C:\Users\abigatti\VirtualBox VMs\openSUSE 12.2 64-bit\Snapshots’ (snapshots) is unknown
00:00:00.652 File system of ‘C:\Users\abigatti\VirtualBox VMs\openSUSE 12.2 64-bit\openSUSE 12.2 64-bit.vdi’ is ntfs
00:00:00.687 VBoxSharedClipboard mode: Bidirectional

Hello and welcome here.

In your try to find your way around here you missed that we have a Virtualization forum here. I will move it there because that is the place were your fellow Virtualization users are to be found.

Also, please next time that you post computer text in a post, do so between CODE tags. You get the CODE tags by clicking on the # button in the toolbar of the post editor.

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On 2013-01-18 17:56, hcvv wrote:
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The thing now would be determining if the problem is the host or guest.
I frankly do not know :-?

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4, with Evergreen, x86_64 “Celadon” (Minas Tirith))

Don’t know if this post was originally in this Forum or being moved frm this Virtualization Forum.

Although 99% of Postfix questions probably belongs in te Apps Forum, this appears to be one of the rare exceptions.

According to the log entries you posted you appear to have a problem with the last snapshot you took (hopefully taken just before your updates).

Although I’m not a VirtualBox user, I assume the solution should be the same as other virt technologies, rollback to your system prior to the snapshot, boot and commence again.


I see that the original thread you poiunt to is closed. Must be (my?) error. Sorry about that. It is open again.

I will join the two, so your answer will then be in the main thread.

Again sorry for the bit bewildeering situation above.

Thx.May also be confusing that the thread Subject still says “Moved” despite being corrected in this “Reply.”
Just so it’s understood that <this particular Postfix thread" does belong in Virtualization rather than another Forum…

EDIT - Seems that by posting with the modified subject line without “moved” it fixed the problem automatically.


lol! You should patent this method of problem solving rotfl!

I’m getting the same error after a clean install. Not sure what to do.
Thanks in advance.

Hello metzen,

Welcome here.
You attached your post to a rather old thread and without much documentation about the facts. It is very seldom that people have exactly the same problem as is allready in a thread.

To attrackt the attention of people that may be able to help you, my advice would be to start a new thread of your own.
For starting a thread you should carefully choose the correct (sub)forum, because that is the place where th right people are lurking. In this case, when it is about Virtualization, you are correct. Second most important is to make a consise and telling ttitle for your thread. Again is will draw the attention of people knowing something about your subject.

Important is then to provide information. A one liner does not work on most cases and will only irritate people. At least tell which version of openSUSE you use, and in most cases which desktop. Telling the story about your problem is one thing, but you should provide as much computer facts with it as possible. Such computer facts should be copied/pasted in a post between CODE tags. You get CODE tags by clicking the # button in the toolbar of the post editor. Do not only post the output of a statment, but also the line with the prompt and the command you gave to get that output.

Hope this helps to get you feeling at home here.

My apologies I am actually running this for PPC Quicksilver G4. I will go and post in another forum. Thanks again.