Getting phpMyAdmin to recognize (and import to) a virtual host/domain

Hi everyone

I have a LAMP server set up on OpenSuse 12.1 along with a copy of phpMyAdmin. I set this up and am administering it using Yast2. PhpMyAdmin is in the main folder and can be accessed using: localhost/phpMyAdmin. I have 3 virtual domains as well which can be accessed by…


PhpMyAdmin works just fine. I can display it in the browser, login using the MySQL password I created and even create databases/import, etc.

The first domain (ie; localhost/folder1) is a PHP/MySQL driven site. The other two are static HTML pages. What I am having a lot of difficulty with is linking/associating phpMyAdmin with localhost/folder1 so that when I import an SQL dump, it will populate “folder1” with the data. When I tried this earlier and went to localhost/folder1, I received a message that the site “could not connect to the database”.

Could someone please tell me step-by-step and in reasonably simple terms how I can get phpMyAdmin to recognize folder1 and understand that this site is where I want the SQL database imported to?.

Thanks in advance for any help on this (I’ve been racking my brains over this all day).

  • Sid

Not done this recently but my memory is that I had to create an empty database and then import to it from the other database.