Getting PDF file from Brother Scan-to-PC

Using brscan-skey to scan documents from my Brother printer, to my PC.
It would appear that when choosing ‘Scan to PC’, the only option is to save as a .tif file, but when scanning to email, there is a choice of file types, including PDF…
I’m confused. Is it possible to save as different file types than .tif, when saving to PC.
Have tried the obvious, changing the file extension in the script, to see how clever the program is, but still only saves as tif.

I use simple-scan to scan from my Brother All-in-one printer/scanner and it allows pdf.
It should be under Graphics > Document Scanner.

The Brother one was worthless - simple-scan also can crop and save in many formats.

You can see if it is installed - sudo zypper in simple-scan. It it is it will say lastest installed - if not it will allow you to install it. It does require the brother linux scanner rpm to be installed.

If you press ok in the scan to pc option and it doesn’t have the selection when you press the up and down arrow, then you have no choice. The other option is like what the poster above mentioned or use a pdf application converter that support and can read the default scan to pc output file. The output of scan to pc here is pnm and the only application that I can use is gimp and export it to pdf.

Why not just scan it to your own email as pdf like you said it can pdf it to email :grinning: