Getting pam_mount to work with ssh

Hello this is a renewed thread to here.I have the problem that I can pam_mount dirs with KDE-login and local tty but NOT with ssh. Seems that this problem still exist.

2015-10-27T11:17:46.957647+01:00 wbbi134 sshd[7449]: (pam_mount.c:522): mount of data1 failed
2015-10-27T11:17:46.957942+01:00 wbbi134 sshd[7449]: (pam_mount.c:173): conv->conv(...): Conversation error
2015-10-27T11:17:46.958173+01:00 wbbi134 sshd[7449]: (pam_mount.c:477): warning: could not obtain password interactively either

It is a fresh installed OpenSuSE 13.1. During installation I choose Windows Domain Membership as authentication method. So there should be no “self configured” errors :wink:
Many Thanks for any help

Should be marked at solved. See here:
“ChallengeResponseAuthentication no” and “PasswordAuthentication yes” in sshd_config is working for me.