getting Lexmark Printer to work

Has anyone gotten a lexmark printer to work with opensuse? I have a 6150 and can’t seem to find drivers for it.

Your Lexmark type is not in HCL/Printers - openSUSE, but nevertheless you my have a look there. Maybe there is a type similar as yours in the list and it may give you a hint.

for printer support in linux, this community resource

OpenPrinting database - All Lexmark Printers is the best site to look;

if one looks at the Lexmark page, it has a specific page on your printer:

OpenPrinting database - Printer: Lexmark x6150

it says to go to the lexmark site, and download the Z55 driver for your printer;

however when I try this out, I find the Z55 is not made since 2003; so no driver;

soooooooooo … you are going to have to hunt around for yourself; some would suggest that lexmark and linux go together like : a fish and a bicycle; some would suggest getting a compatible MFC device; I sense HP is the most easy to install; Epson and Canon need a little bit of work but with careful research on the right model, are tame-able

but try Google to pursue your lexmark voyage; search on linux printer drivers etc

seem like they come in compressed format tar.gz and if you find them you again google on how to decompress and install; or ask the forum;

let us know how you get along;

Although in Lexmark’s defense, their laser printers work fine with Linux. Their inkjet models are problematic c***.

how is it going along out there 6tr6tr?

I see an older website with instructions

The Lexmark Z605 printer and SuSE 9.3, a little HOWTO

you would have to take a punt as to whether this printer resembles yours;

I am now getting this website as source for lexmark:

Lexmark - United States

you don’t mention your country of origin; so you may be able to find a linux driver for a model number close to yours

Thanks for the info!

I apologize but I haven’t had the chance to try this stuff out. i’ll try to get to it this weekend and let everyone know what i find out. Thanks again!

Nothing seems to work here.

I tried:

  1. The Lexmark Z605 printer and SuSE 9.3, a little HOWTO

  2. Z53, etc drivers

  3. 5000 series drivers

  4. Looked on

Nothing seems to work. :frowning: