Getting HDMI/DP video with Raven2

With Raven2 I mean Ryzen 3 3200G(E) and Ryzen 5 3400G(E).

These processors (APUs) are too new for a Leap 15.1, so you need to update it.
With Leap 15.2 or TW: supposedly it will work without additional updates.

  1. Update XOrg + Mesa:
    You need to update XOrg files to successfully boot after update of a Mesa packets.

1.1. Add X11 XOrg repository .
1.2. Make “Full repository Vendor change” with this repo.

You may use zypper

zypper dup --from [repository]


zypper dup --from [repository] --allow-vendor-change
  1. After that I still had 1024*768 resolution, no info about monitor parameters, no OpenGL hardware support.
    So I updated kernel from “Stable” repo: .

After that Leap 15.1 is working good (I hope).