Getting "getbinaries: missing packages: lzo2" when trying to build any Arch's PKGBUILD

getting the same log message for few different PKGBUILDS i tried (which are working locally)

also “getbinaries: missing packages: lzo2” is the only one message in log, no any other information :frowning:

With the information you’ve given us - we have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to do, you could be baking a cake for all we know.

How about;
What operating system version (12.3, 13.1 etc.) you are using
Explain what your purpose is and what you’re trying to do

If you are trying to compile something and it’s complaining about lzo libraries missing, perhaps you need to install lzo-devel or liblzo2-2.

However, it would help if you told us precisely what you’re trying to accomplish.

Hello, @actionless !

Hope it's not too late! This is because Arch Linux official has renamed package 'lzo2' into 'lzo']( As it's said, Arch Linux official doesn't like to add a number at the end of the package name as it makes no sense.;)

Yours sincerely