Getting Full 1280x768 Resolution of Screen as oppose to lowly 1024x768 Nvidia Drivers???

Hi all,

Please accept my apologies for such a horrific late reply, me and the missus decided to go away for a few days, and I was left without internet connection. Despite how I tried I couldn’t even get much of a connection on my phone. Last time I go to the county without checking a 3G coverage map I tell you :stuck_out_tongue:

On our way back we went into a Dixons clearance store and I’m now the proud owner of a Full HD 22" AOC monitor, which works perfectly out of the box with Linux, all for the princely sum of £72 :slight_smile:

Thank you deano, and others, for all your help, I wish you all well :slight_smile:



Thanks for the update Tom. Solved with decent hardware :slight_smile: