Getting error ( kernel 2.6.28 required) while trying to startX

I am seeing the following error while trying to startx -
Failed to load module ‘i810’ ( module does not exit, 0)
intel(0): [drm] Failed to detect GEM. Kernel 2.6.28 required.
intel(0): Failed to become dRM master
intel(0): No valid modes.
(EE) Screens found, but none have a usable configuration.

Fatal server error: no screens found.

I m using 2.6.31 kernel version. I have a Asus H55M Pro microATX motherboard with intel i5-661 processor.


Welcome to the forums !!!

We need some additional info to be able to help you:
Which openSUSE version?
32/64 bit?
KDE4/Gnome ?

Also, please open a terminal window and post output of:

zypper lr -d

And…please describe whether this happened after some update.