Getting codecs and media stuff


I have been away from this site since July and openSuse has been calling my name over the last few months.

I’m managed with Ubuntu on my laptop for a month now without booting into XP. I have a desktop that I built myself which has Vista on it, but now that I’ve lived quite happily with Linux on my Laptop I now want to put it onto my big toy.

However after playing with Suse in July I would prefere to install that onto my sexy desktop.

The problem is that I am worried about the ability to watch my MP4 movies and listen to my MP3 music.

With my limited experience of linux, I know that these codecs are not included as standard so I would appreciate it if somebody could walk me through how to get the relevant codecs to allow me to use my divx, xvid, mp4, mp3 and other weird and wonderful combinations of media files.


There is the link for 1-click collection: 1-click-collection - openSUSE-Community. You can find a lot of useful thing here (drivers, compiz, etc.). Scroll down to Multimedia section, and choose codecs pack depending on your DE installation.

Thanks for the advice and link.

I’m going to install opensuse some time this week and I’m looking forward to watching my movie collection on it.


Good advice posted above.

Once you get OpenSuse installed and have a media file that won’t play, check this thread:

Check your multimedia problem in ten steps - openSUSE Forums

That process will help you chase down any problems with media playback. :slight_smile: I’m running OpenSuse 10.3 and had some problems with the file types you mentioned. That thread is located here:

Videos Won’t Play, but Sound Works - openSUSE Forums

and shows some of the process at work, especially which package repos to use for multimedia.