Getting Channel4 to Work on openSUSE

The Channel 4 “All4” website Q&A state:-

All 4 on is available to Mac and Linux users. Mac and Linux users can enjoy the All 4 experience and watch a selection of programmes broadcast on Channel 4, More4 and E4 in the past 30 days, as well as classics from the Channel 4 archive.

Does anybody in UK have this working? If so please could they let us know how!!!

what happens when you try to go there?
that site needs flash, as regular flash for Linux is ancient try Chromium with chromium-pepper-flash from packman you can even try to use chromium-pepper-flash on Firefox with freshplayerplugin.

Use wine to run firefox for windows and flash for windows

Basically just install wine

Download firefox and flash for windows
Install them with wine

Works perfectly here

Is any of that really necessary? I am running the normal Flash ( on my machines with Firefox, I have noticed no issues with any Flash content I have wanted to play, to date.

Am I missing out on some fun, here?

Channel 4 and 5 actually don’t work for me except as I described

On Mon, 11 Jan 2016 15:56:01 GMT
caf4926 <> wrote:

> Channel 4 and 5 actually don’t work for me except as I described

Yes, Channel 5 hasn’t worked for ages because it insists on Flash being
version 15 or more so Linux doesn’t have a chance with version 11.
Contacted them but they don’t give a monkey’s.

Channel 4 used to work for me without doing anything special and still
does for trailers but not for the full programme. It just sits there
with the viewing window black apart from some white text on it telling
me the title of the programme with a brief synopsis. There are no error
messages at all.

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Yes, exactly

I can tell you also I had it working normally without wine in a Mint 13 install which I think benefited from HAL
You had to reset the licence in Flash or something IIRC

It looks like HAL is available

But for me, I would prefer the Wine option