Getting Canon Turboprint to work

Trying to install the trial version of Turboprint on my Suse 10.2 machine, I get as far as the Yast window, then an Error message followed by “Another process is accessing the package database”.

I have nothing else commanded to be running. What sort of background programs might be running to cause this problem, and how do I stop it?

Or is there something else wrong ?

we downloaded the rpm version of turboprint long ago;

I just ran it as

meaning to assume substitute user powers (also called root)so enter root password

and then having done that

rpm -Uvh turboprintwhatever.rpm

where whatever is the version number

we bought the full copy of turboprint several years ago, and it has loyally driven our canon inkjet printer; the cost of ink has far exceeded the cost of buying turboprint;

(and someone will tell you 10.2 is a really ancient version of Suse, but we still have a copy running on one of the computers, and it is actually fine)

If you buy turboprint, you do the above, and get an icon for tp on your desktop; when you click on that for the first time, you get the option to install the key, that gives you full access; you just point the file to the place that you have stored the key (for example, a directory called downloads …)

I found a locked empty file which was stopping installation, and deleted it. But still turboprint won’t install, either with the rpm download or the .tgz one. I get told various files are missing, and that it’s the 64 bit version which it is not.