Getting blank/black screen after performing upgrade from 11.2

During the upgrade process, all the files appeared to install correctly and the computer rebooted as expected. It then showed the openSUSE splash screen but eventually that went dark and there was no display. Rebooting again did not help. Hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1 results in a corrupted display. I’m guessing this is an issue with the video driver? Not sure how to troubleshoot when I can’t even get a terminal window open!

HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop with an nVidia GeForce 8400M GS.

How was this upgrade performed?

You could try working from level 3 yast:
Boot to Level 3, then Yast and More…

Then do the equivalent of this:

I installed the upgrade using the 11.3 DVD.

So at this screen you chose Upgrade not New Install


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Did you try Failsafe Boot?

Yes and that didn’t work either. I’ve also booted into init 3 and did a Yast online update.

Keep us informed, though you might want to consider a New Installation and just keep /home as it is.

OK I got it working. I had to boot using init 3, run yast, add the nVidia proprietary repository and install the latest video drivers. After I rebooted the display worked.

Figured that might get it
Strange failsafe didn’t work though, makes me wonder about the boot arguments that were in place there.