Getting an infrared device working?


I am have installed Polar’s training software ProTrainer 5 with Wine on my OpenSUSE 12.3 box. The software works but I can’t download data from heart rate monitor via the infrared device.

In a terminal I get

> lsmod | grep irda
irda 133213 3 ircomm_tty,ircomm,mcs7780
crc_ccitt 12708 2 mcs7780,irda

And in YaST I have limited the baud rate to 9600 in IrDA Configuration because that’s how it’s done in the instruction about how to get ProTrainer 5 with working IrDA on Ubuntu 11.04 with wine.

So how do I get the infrared device working on a OpenSUSE box?



it looks like you have configured it already.
Just connect the adapter and start the monitor using wine and check whether you are able to download the stats

Well, I can start up ProTrainer but it doesn’t download the data from the heart rate monitor. And the infrared device doesn’t blink with red light when trying (as i does on a windows machine).

Found the solution here under the headline Problems with the IrDA?

It’s just

sudo irattach irda0 -s

And then ProTrainer will download the exercise data from the heart rate monitor.
That’s it :slight_smile: