Getting a Toshiba Satellite to work with 11.4

New to Suse - apologies if this repeats older threads.
Old Toshiba Satellite Pro A35
Has 2.8 Ghz P4, 1.25Gb RAM, 40Gb HD, 855GM graphics, Intel 82801 Sound
Some install glitches - would only install acpi=off and had to install 11.1 then 11.4 as a fresh install.
But up and running now, using KDE - very nice interface.
Boots OK in Failsafe and in Linux i686 with acpi=off
System is quick, internet connectivity all good (wired and wireless)
soundcard sometimes ok at start, but it does seem variable.
Now the problems…
If sound doesn’t work at boot, the system won’t shut down from the logout button - the screen sort of dims, but everything is still functional - though I can shutdown from console with shutdown command.
With acpi enabled, although the system does boot and I get all the desired functionality, BUT the screen flickers and occasionally locks and “hangs” for want of a better description. In W*%dows I would suspect some sort of driver conflict.
Has anyone got a similar setup to work without disabling acpi?
Any thoughts greatly appreciated

I have 11.4 on an older Satellite A65, with ATI graphics, 1.25 G of memory.

It is working fine, though the screen has an evident flicker every 2-3 seconds (probably a video driver problem).

On bootup into linux, there is a message that there is a BIOS bug (apic not connected to timer, if I recall).

Apart from that flicker, the system runs well. Well, okay, the sound card (ATI) doesn’t always work. But that happens on Windows too, so is a hardware or BIOS problem.

In particular, I have not had any hangs. However, a newer computer with Intel graphics does sometimes freeze, apparently due to a problem with the video driver. I mostly use it with “nomodeset” to avoid those freezes.

Have found that I can start the soundcard manually if sound doesn’t work on normal boot - that seems to sort the issue I was having.

rcalsasound restart

Further update - for anyone trying to get Toshiba Satellite A30 working with ACPI enabled:
Since the machine would work fine in Failsafe, I copied and then systematically trimmed the Failsafe bootloader options
I can now run the full system and get some useful ACPI functions and have no screen flicker (through nomodeset?).
At present have noresume nosmp maxcpus=0 processor.max_cstate=3 nomodeset