Getting a "Can't find operation system" after installing

I Downloaded openSUSE 11.1 after my Windows started malfunctioning. So my computer still had the windows when I loaded the live CD.

Everything opened fine, and then I tried installing. I didn’t really know what to do with the partitions, so i left it the way it was (it said something about resizing my windows)…

Then I rebooted, and took out the live CD like told.
And i got “Couldn’t find operating system”

I wonder if it’s cause of something i should have done with the partitions?

I’m completely new to Linux, I’ve used Windows all my life.
I really appreciate your help.

please someone help me out,
i can’t access windows either.

Can someone at least tell me how to install it correctly (i already read the guide for the newbie, but it doesn’t say what you do if you already have a windows installed, it shows something completely different).

if someone could please tell me how to remove whats left of my windows, and install OpenSUSe on the whole drive. And what to do with the partitions.

will have to work from memory here…
The partitioning in 11.1 is a little different to previous versions. You will need to select custom partitioning when the default layout is presented to you. This will pass you to a split screen set up with your physical volumes and their partitions on the left of screen. Clicking on a volume (sda for example) will present the partitions for editing on the right of screen. I do recall thinking, “hmmm this is a little new” at the time.
My attack has always been (for a single 80GB drive)
Delete all existing partitions.
create new 30Gb ext3 or ext2 mount point “/” select the Format option
create new 40GB ext3 or ext2 mount point “/home” select the format option
create new (balance available) “mount” as swap
That is a very simplified approach and should see you installing quickly and easily.
One huge advantage to the Linux environment is the flexibility of the file system to cover multiple volumes and applications. For a Server you would not bother with a 40GB /home partition.
Get to understand the file system and you will find yourself setting things the way you like em…
If you really want to get your head around it. Once you have done it once and are happy with the result. Do it again…immediately.
Good luck, and enjoy

I did what you said, but I got an error message saying:
Failure occured during following actions
deleting partition /dev/sda8
system error code - 1014

and then it stopped the installation.

Do you have a windows CD? If so you can use it to delete all the partitions then reinstall openSUSE using the whole drive with the default settings.
Alternatively you could use gparted to delete the partitions
EDIT you might be better of getting the dvd here instead of using the live cd to install

No, i don’t have the cd.
And the link you gave refers to gnome, and i have the other one. does it matter?

edit: And i don’t even know how to download that program to the live cd.

I have never tried the live cd install, but the 11.0 dvd gives you the choice of using the entire disk. Try this.
If you have another go at the custom partitioning, start deleting partitions from the bottom of the table until you have a complete disk with one partition. Now add a 2GB swap and create 2 more partitions: one of 20 GB mounted as / and then one for the rest of the disk mounted as /home. Tell it to format them ext3.
Having a separate /home means that you don’t overwrite your personal data when you do a new install.
Also, look at this post:

should i maybe list here the partitions it’s showing me to make it easier?

Thanks for the link, but i don’t know how to use the terminal and I’m afraid I’ll mess something up

Did you look at the link I posted? It should work.

I did, i just don’t know which one to delete. I posted in that thread.

It’s working! Thanks whych, and geoffro for helping me out!

Great glad you got it working!
Enjoy :slight_smile: