Getting 11.1 at Max Speed

Peter Poeml blogged this recommendation

Best way to Download openSUSE

Apparently there’s also for 30 hours from 1pm GMT, Akamai caching technology Akamai’s Technology Overview: Web Application Performance Monitoring Tools for Online Businesses to ensure there’s not a meltdown on the web and download servers.

They’re hoping to break the 200TB mark.

If you have an old aria2 knocking around like I did, it seems to be worth upgrading, via the 1 click install page. My old version wasn’t cooperating.

wget downloaded at full speed, but slowed to a trickle after a while.

The new version of aria2, is coping great except the -c (–continue) option couldn’t resume the download as it tried to create a directory the same name as the partial download file (which fails).

It’s really nice to get in hours, something that took many days before using a torrent.

I used the Firefox extension DownThemAll and it took 90 minutes! Aria2 is just as fast.

Yep, Peter’s updated his blog entry to I’m told.

It includes advice for Windows downloaders as well!

Downloading openSUSE FAST using Metalink

There’s also some experience on the project mail archive recorded, the thread was originally suggesting pre-distributing torrent files, which drew out the information about the special arrangements.

If you can, after you have your downloads, please seed the torrents, to keep things smooth, now that the Akamai caches won’t be helping.

In my personal experience, it’s best to set a download limit just below the maximum, and restrict upload during download phase, when I’m in a hurry. Permitting seed later at full rate, without download goes much faster, presumably as a consequence of the way the ISP’s hardware works. So YMMV applies.