getmail alternative for tumbleweed

Since tumbleweed dropped getmail due to python 3 issues, anybody know of a good console/text alternative?
I searched for fdm, but didn’t see it available for tumbleweed either.


Mutt? Neomutt?

server:mail has fdm for TW.

Miuku, thanks. I’m probably missing something because yast2 won’t show or install it.
Neither will zypper.

What does it say if you do;

zypper in

fdm-1.9-1.21.x86_64 (Plain RPM files cache): Signature verification failed 4-Signatures public key is not available

Is there are problem with using “fetchmail”?

Tried it, but had problem with .fetchmailrc using with imap, so then tried to use fetchmailconf, but it has some problem with python3 … forget the error atm.

It wasn’t building… took the opportunity to update/fix…

Thanks. I’ll try 2.0 whenever yast or zypper shows it.

It won’t as it’s only in the development repository…

Oh, ok.
I didn’t understand.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I am using fetchmail since the nineties and never experienced any problems. “yast2 mail” sets up /etc/fetchmailrc:

 poll "" protocol AUTO : user "name@server" there with password "xxxx" is "karl" here ssl ;
erlangen:~ # grep -v ^\# /etc/sysconfig/fetchmail 





erlangen:~ # 

thank you for your post. Your .fetchmailrc helped me getting mine corrected.
Also, I never tried using yast/mail server.
Fetchmail is now working for me, so subject is solved for me.

You are welcome. I am confident fetchmail will survive many replacements in the years coming. Regarding postfix I found it to be far more robust than most of the mail clients I have tried since the 90ies: