Get Yast to download first and then install

How do I get YAST in 11.2 RC2 to download the new packages first before installing it. It’s not doing it by default, I think.

It’s probably very simple but I haven’t found it yet :slight_smile:

Read (and edit) “/etc/zypp/zypp.conf”.

Mind that there is a bug connected with that type of installing :slight_smile:

As I am always playing about with my system and reinstalling - I just see what updates are needed from yast online updates and then just d/l them (from

Index of /pub/opensuse/update/11.2/rpm) and separately install them

You can always use rsync to get them, then setup a local directory as a
‘plain rpm’ repository with the correct priority, then just use zypper
or YaST to update :slight_smile:

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