Get started with raid @suse

Hi i’m new to Linux and don’t want to run in trouble, so i’l ask before setting up something wrong.

what i want to do is:

  • use suse for a home server.
  • i have 3hdd’s. i want 2 of them to be in raid 1(software raid)
    all hdd’s or better partitions should be encrypted.

how do i get started with this?
how should i setup the partitions?
what file system is the best - ext 4?

i know these are noob questions but i think it is better to ask first before running into serious troubles.

It would be very nice if you could help me with maybe a tutorial or a walk through or something like that.

Most important for me is how to setup all partitions correctly.

thanks in advance marc

hi again, today evening i had some time so i set up a virtual machine.](

are these settings okay or do i need to change something. all partitions are used for the server. important data should be store at md0 and the rest at sda2. both partitions are encrypted for those who do not understand german :wink:

thanks for help marc greetings from cold germany

You can do Raid1 or LVM or a combination of both. You just have to create volumes and setup things in the right order. There are some documented official and non official tutorials which explain how to step by step. You’ll find them if you google a little bit.

If you install the system or at least the /boot partition outside the RAID1 and format it as ext3, it will probably be easier. I think that openSUSE’s own legacy Grub is capable of booting ext4 (other legacy Grub can’t) but I don’t know how it handles /boot in RAID1 (Grub2 does it right). For all other filesystems, ext4 should be fine.