Get Rid Of 'Version' Conflicts

Hello in the ‘dev’ area. I’m not a coder so don’t jump on me if this is too simple-minded. Everyone knows about talk of linux and community re: version conflicts, hassles of resolving libs when installing source, etc. and especially how this affects non-coders, and certainly linux n00bs, whether coder or not. So:
What would it take to start a new versioning system whereby the ‘primary’ (don’t know proper term here…) version number was assigned to the ‘core’ item first, that based on the KDE/Gnome version , then —and only then — the various apps were assigned ver. numbers that were targeted toward the version of KDE/Gnome that the app was written for. The only additional requirement then might be whether or not such version (app) was backward-compat
or not. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems this would eliminate hassle for both devs and non-devs alike. Someone jump in here
and tell be if this is worth forwarding to the dev team. OldCPU, anyone? Have A Happy Easter!

And what will be the improvement on that?

Having “nicer numbers” will not solve one versioning conflict when it comes to actually building/packaging/installing stuff.

If AppXYZ needs at least version ABC of libwhatever it does not make any difference, how “nicely matching” those numbers are.

Whoever starts a project can chose the version she/he thinks is appropriate, many “KDE-applications” are not official part of KDE and so on.

Nice idea, but unrealistic and of no real value.

just do this and all those troubles drift away:

  • add these repos ONLY: oss, non-oss, update and packman
  • NEVER change those
  • use only YaST or Zypper to add/update/patch/secure software
  • use only YaST to install RPMs

enjoy stable (until the monthly new kernel arrives)…

NOW: if you wanna be a “beta tester” then do the above on your
work/school/production/gotta have it working by monday morning machine
and get yourself a sandbox and do all the testing/knife edge surfing
you want to do but do not belly ache about stuff on the sand box
getting messed up, and software gettin scrambled, and do-dads
disappearing from the desktop and version conflicts and hassles of
resolving libs and not being a coder and and and and

see how easy it is!

the short version is: do NOT run software which is so unproven as to
be beyond YOUR ability to manage/fix/etc…