Get rid of KDE taskbar hover previews?

Is there a setting to get rid of the hover-previews on the taskbar?

I’ve searched but if there is one it’s eluding me. They’re useless and all it takes is a wrong mouse move and suddenly they’re up in the way. And they only seem to have gotten bigger since previous KDE versions to be even more annoying.

(KDE 5.4.3)

That awkward moment where you find the solution immediately after posting, despite having tried for so long beforehand…

Only I’m not feeling dumb because it’s horribly worded in the settings.

Turn off “Show Tooltips”… the last thing I’d call those monstrocities are tooltips.

Never mind, problem solved.

Yup, they’ve been called “tool tips” in the Developer’s world since… at least 1998 that I can remember? Maybe even a dozen years earlier?


I kind of like this tool-tips, but in this kde5 they are enormous. Thanks for the tip, cause, I’ve turned then off !