get rfb&d wma file to play

how to get rfb&d wma file to play in linux
it has a lic… key that it need to down load.

it is for school. so I can get my book information in!

Does mean Licence key?
If so - it sounds like I wouldn’t even waste my time with it. I have 2 fingers I use on such occasions - that or I ease nature in it’s direction.

Follow this and you’ll play most stuff
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

For school? If it’s like a lot of schools the lesson plans are Windows only.
Unfortunately, it looks to me like this maybe your case, which event you may have to dual boot.

tell you what big Al, i guess you need to talk to the school there in
Cresco Iowa and ask them why (in this day and age of school systems
and individuals struggling to make ends meet) they want to require
their students and staff to use costly Redmond software…



ya I need to get my book read to me since I am I have dyslexia and dygraph! I thing a ebook on the computer with etext back lade is the best! but for that the MSWIN!
I can not stand MSWIN there releas ves… is a charly ves.
the school I guss get money from MS and they can not use eny thing else EX MS S*?T

MS pay book money to keep OpenOffice book form comming out in the US

If a com… has to put are prodic for the other one! There soft ware is S*T

Im trying to get the virtural box to work it come up but can not run the xp start up

I need to waste my time so I can get the dab (digital audio book) to work. so take your to fingers and Help for this occasions!!!

you may find someone who knows how to break the MS and Digital
Rights Management coding on the ebooks you need…

or, you may not find such cracks…

unfortunately, until your school and ebook makers use open source you
may be forced to use MS software…

to try to break out of the MS lock-in you can write your
congress-folks (two senators and one house representative), your
governor, your mayor, your school board to draft and pass legislation
requiring open competition for school’s IT resources…

there may be usable power to get what you need through the
Americans with disabilities Act see

-good luck and best wishes-