get out of the netbook desktop view (KDE 4.4)

I accidentally configured my desktop in KDE 4.4 to a netbook style interface and can not find a way to change back to folder view. In the netbook view it is impossible to right-click to configure the desktop. what command do i use to open desktop properties (the window where you change wallpaper, view type and so on)?

Personal settings.

I already checked you cannot change the setting in Personal Settings ->Desktop. And I cannot right click on the Desktop itself. Thats the problem.

Anybody? This KDE bug is really annoying.

rename ~/.kde4

That will bring you back to default settings

Can you find and click the cashew? There should be an option there to configure “Search and Launch Containment” settings or something. Perhaps you can try that before starting over from scratch.

I decided to have a play with netbook style and it completely borked my settings. I tried every thing to get back to folder view, but nothing worked except gogalthorp’s suggestion of renaming .kde4 and resetting to default. I am not game to have another go to try and figure out what went wrong.

Removing the plasma* files from ~/.kde4/share/config would have been enough. Then set the virtual desktops to allow different activities.

But yes, to have all this new stuff working in a pleasant way, you have to reapply your plasma appearance settings. Nothing else, btw.