Get OpenSuSe 11.2 from me [ for OpenSuSe India fans/geeks]


Hurrah!!! Finally 11.2 final release is here …I was just keeping refresh my web page to see cont down timer to be zero yesterday to start downloading 11.2 and I just finished downloading 32 bit install DVD iso.

OpenSuSe fans,users,geeks who need the iso too quickly in India, feel free to contact me. I’ll pass on iso by postal service for free or by uploading on my fast FTP if you have good bandwidth. :slight_smile:
I already passed on iso to local OpenSuSe geeks in my city i.e Pune today morning. lol!



You sure you’re not an SCO employee? (looking at your username) lol!

Bahahaha …no not really…I just like this nick that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:

hey there

i am interested in opensuse dvd. can i make a request? i will be very glad if you can burn a dvd and ship it. i live in india (himachal pradesh). of course this means i will pay you the shipping charges and for the dvd.

thanks in advance


Suse 11.2 is amazing. It has been less than 8 hours since I had installed it my laptop. I am already have become a fan of Suse Linux.

I am pretty new to Linux. I had comfortably configured basic tools like Kmail, Opera, Skype etc. I am just wondering how smooth it worked out.

Please share few more things, as new user I can try out.


Hi ,

I am fan of opensuse , if you can send me a ripped DVD of open suse 11.2 ,32 bit , i am very thankful to you.


its an happy news to all of us



hi my self is Pankaj Sharma from kolkata. i need opensuse 11.04. if it is possible for you send me the iso cd then please contact me ‘e-mail address removed’. i couldn’t find your e mail or web page. thanks & regards.


It is not very wise to have your e-mail address on a web page that can be seen all over the world by all sorts of e-mail addresses grabbing bots. It will assure you of a a lot of SPAM. Thus it is removed.

When you want a private conversation with some fellow forums member please do so by the Private Message mechanism.

BTW, are you aware of the fact that you posted on a thread that is allready many years old and thus most probably not watched by many people any more?

You better start a new thread with a good title in e.g. the Install subforum.