get_iplayer with opensuse 11.3

Get_iplayer worked very well for me under opensuse 11.2. After installing opensuse 11.3 it continued to work very well with the exception of STREAMING live BBC channels. These do not work at all. It seems the “modes” I am and have been using are not recognised. I use gnome and installed codecs using codecs_gnome.ymp for suse 11.3. I have no problem with any of the multimedia applications I use. I have not been able to solve this problem in the time from opensuse 11.3 release. Can anyone help me please?

Download my original install and fix

Thanks for your reply. I did as you suggested without result. I suspect my problem could be one of almost anything and impossible to diagnose without analysing log files. However, the following might be of use:
This is the script I used to watch BBC News with Suse 11.2:
flashstd2,n95_3g1 --stream 80001
–player=‘vlc -’
(ffplay was better but not included in suse 11.3)
I could also record and watch using the option --type=livetv
This is a typical error message using the livetv option NOW. As you see it suggests trying the option “–modes=” which indicates it has recognised none of the above.

80001: BBC News 24 - live

INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
INFO: Checking existence of default version
INFO: No specified modes (iphone,iphone1,flashvhigh,flashhigh,flashstd,flashnormal,flashlow,flashhigh1,flashhigh2,flashstd1) available for this programme with version ‘default’ (try using --modes=)
ERROR: Failed to record ‘BBC News 24 - live (bbc_news24)’

I can however listen and save live and listen streaming (no save) liveradio bbc channels.
Otherwise, get_iplayer works well for delivering all the indexed programmes.

Thanks again.

Lets assume the program id number is 500

This what I do:

get_iplayer --get 500 --modes=flashvhigh

Many thanks for your interest.

As I said, get_iplayer works very well fetching all indexed files; using only
get_iplayer --get id