Get_Iplayer 1 click install fails with repo sites. Is there a fix please?

I have been trying to use the 1 click install from the community packages, I believe Malcolm’s name was mentioned.
Unfortunately the installation failed and I seek guidance please.
I have in earlier years used the manual installation method but had hoped to save some time here.
I note the version in the Community package has now been superseded by version 3.28. I rather hoped I could install v3.27 and then upgraded it.
All help/guidance appreciated.

Yes, I haven’t updated in some time…

Install direct, don’t use 1-click…

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Just updated it, not many changes… the 3.27 version may still be there, if not, use 3.28.

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Hi Malcolm,
Many thanks. Will use your command but seek a bit of help with dependencies please.
I am being lazy I know but am having trouble with the Perl modules and Leap15.3
Do you have a list of these as they appear in Yast software so I can install. Seems like every time I try a new installation the modules are shown differently.

Further to this, once again I find no support for Leap 15.3, this time for perl-JSON-PP.

At this rate I shall have to revert to TW and put up with the nagging as at least most of what I want is supported.

How do I solve this please?

You need to add the Perl Development repo…

zypper ar -f -g -n "Perl Development" devel:lnguages:perl

Are you sure you need it? According to documentation, it is used as fallback when [noparse]JSON:XS[/noparse] is not available, and perl-JSON-XS is in 15.3.

Good catch, let me update the requires.

Updated build;

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Many thanks to Malcolm and arvidjaar for the brilliant help and sorry to have created so much work.

I now have GiP installed again after an absence of over 4 years. Now have to remember how I used it!

I don’t need it now but I used to use the pvr and cron to download some regular favourites. Does the pvr still work? Will ask again when I have the basic working again.

Thanks again,

The pvr part is split out;

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Hi Malcolm,
This morning when I tried to install GiP I received a warning this:-

warning: /var/cache/zypper/RPMS/get_iplayer-3.28-lp153.2.1.noarch.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key I
D 479de3c9: NOKEY   

and for pvr:-

get_iplayer-pvr-3.28-lp153.2.1.noarch (Plain RPM files cache): Signature verification failed 4-Signatures public key is not available

I took a chance and ignored it but please advise where I went wrong.

No idea why my quotes were munged but the question is valid.

Also I may have used an old command for pvr but am getting the following:-

INFO: Downloading radio: 'Composer of the Week: Edward Elgar (1857-1934) - 02. A Catholic in an Anglican Cou
ntry (m00140rh) [original]' 
INFO: Downloaded: 147.62 MB (00:58:44) @ 35.79 Mb/s (hafhigh1/bi) [audio]        
INFO: Converting to M4A 
INFO: Command exit code 1 (raw code = 256) 
ERROR: Conversion failed - retaining audio file: /home/alastair/GiP_Recordings/Composer_of_the_Week_Edward_E
INFO: Skipping all versions of this programme

I have ffmpeg installed. In the wrong place perhaps? Will check but am updating as I go in case there is a problem above.

I have now installed GiP and PVR on another machine and I did not receive any NOKEY warning.
This suggest to me that I have an error in my installation on the machine which gives the error.
Should I post a new thread on this or is it easily fixed.

No, the nokey warning is expected. Maybe the other machine has used my repository and added the key.

I checked the repos on the machine which installed without any warning but there is no sign of your repo so in theory I should have had the warning. Strange, I shall check the other machine.
Since I ignored the warning I have the installations in place but cannot work out why the decoding is not working.
This results in two files for each programme (radio 3 stuff).
I have Atomicparsley in place and ffmpeg. Both are in my /usr/bin directory.
Will post on GiP list.

The ffmpeg from packman?

It’s also been updated to version 3.29…

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Hi Malcolm,
Will update now but all running well so far thanks. If I run these now will they just overwrite the old with the new?

The background to the ffmpeg in my system was that when I did updates a while ago I recall seeing a note somewhere to the effect that the proprietary packages needed for multimedia were now open so I didn’t do the switch. Clearly I misunderstood and have now done the usual switch to Packman on all devices.

Many thanks once more.

Yes, but read the changes in the changelog or at