Get a transparent taskbar in KDE 4

Hi guys! I’ve been using KDE 3.5 for about a year now and I think its great but one of the feature I really liked in KDE 4 was that you could get the taskbar transparent easily. I know it is possible but I don’t know how. This is a picture I found on the web and I hope somebody could help me and maybe tell me what the Plasma theme, window deco & style is. Thanks.

I really would like the same desktop.

I just read this on thw web but I dont know what it means.

If you want the semi-transparent taskbar shown in the screenshot, you need to have compositing (desktop effects) enabled.

Ok I did get my taksbar transparent but why are the icons in the right corner of my taksbar have a gey background? By the icons in the right corner I mean Kmix, Klipper, Software update, ect…

How can I make my file management program and my main winodws transparent?