Get 3d acceleration from nouveau for VMware workstation

I installed following packages: libdrm, mesa, xf86-video-nouveau , LibVDPAU

I can get aero in win7 guest. But the speed of the guest becomes slow

You’ll need to narrow down the possibilities before you can start looking for solutions.

Determine whether the problem is seen in Guests running other OS or if it’s seen only in Windows Guests.
For that matter, have you installed multiple Windows Guests, and do they all perform the same way?
Have you installed VMware Tools into each Guest?
How much RAM and video RAM have you configured for your Guest and are you starving the HostOS (It’s possible to configure too much and too little)?

It might also be helpful to know if this is your first virtual machine or one of your first few.



Before I used nvidia driver, the guest under 3d support was very quick. After I use nouveau 3d support, my win7 guest become slow. I do install VMware tools for the guest and all my Linux and windows guest are slow.



Could you tell me normally what packages should be installed and what config I should do for VMware guest to get effective 3d acceleration from nouveau. Then I could find that whether there is something wrong in my steps.


If your performance was quick using the nVidia drivers, you can do so again.

I don’t run Windows Guests, so haven’t explored what works for them or not.

If you’re looking for how to install nVidia drivers, the following points to various articles that describe how to do so different ways.


I follow the hard way in the article you referred, I get black screen after login.


As far as I know, in a VM you cannot use nvidia (amd) driver even if you have such a video card in you PC. VM has his own drivers.

I get black screen when I installed driver for my host. After I reboot and login, I got black screen after login, I can see the login screen.

Sorry, my mistake.
If you use openSUSE (TW or Leap) why do not you install nvidia from repository?

System has crashed, I am reinstalling. And then try repo driver.


With pleasure.

If you get a black screen on your Host after installing the nVicia driver, that’s a completely separate problem unrelated to virtualization.
It’s also likely that you installed the wrong driver, be absolutely sure you know what kind of GPU you have on your system.

The Guest will use its own VMware video driver, so if you had any thoughts about doing anything unusual inside your Guest, don’t.

Good luck,