German Foreign Ministry Migrates Desktops To Free Software

The Foreign Ministry in Germany is migrating all of its 11,000 desktops to GNU/Linux

The embassies in Japan and Korea have completely switched over, the embassy in Madrid has been exclusively using GNU/Linux since October last year
What distro do you suppose they might be using? Is it Red Hat? CentOS … openSUSE???
Slashdot | German Foreign Ministry Migrates Desktops To OSS

I’ve heard they’re using Vistix, a small distro based on Winsux.

Not sure what it is, but the tax offices there did install SUSE a few years ago.

On 11/04/2008 felipe1982 wrote:
> … openSUSE???

Debian 3.1 as a parallel boot to Vista. Notebooks have a hardened SINA Linux opening a VPN tunnel, and a VMWare launching, again, Debian. There’s also a Kubuntu install but honestly I didn’t understand who gets to use that :slight_smile: