German as system language option?

I have purposefully added Simplified Chinese to my system but there’s always been another option, German. I’m doing an update right now and am downloading the German language pack for KDE. How would this have been set and how can I remove it?

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  • cisforcojo ,
    Yast, System, Language, either set the first language or enable a second one. If you want to add German to KDE: Personal Settings, Regional &Accessibility,Country, Region and Language.

Does that help?


Not really :confused:

German just installed itself onto my system and I don’t know how to get it off. When I update, I have to download language packs for German as well. In Yast->System->Languages I only have English as my main with Simplified Chinese.

In KDE’s Personal Config, Reginal & Language Settings, if I choose Add a Language, I have the options of German and Simp. Chinese. There’s no reason German should be there. Also, when I installed, I chose Shanghai as my timezone but I -believe- somehow this got reset to the US. ?? Craziness. I appreciate your help. I really don’t know what happened there and why it thinks I want German :wink:

  • cisforcojo,

OIC, you want to get rid of German! No idea, sorry, I guess I’d just search for “german” in Yast (except for the description) and uninstall that.