GeoTiff program for opensuse

does anyone have used any program that can handle geotiff files in linux?


To do what with them? E.g.:

  • Display them: Any image viewer will do.
  • Display them georeferenced, do the georeferencing, etc., via GUI: QGis is your tool.
  • Edit, reproject, add control points, or any similar modifications, via command line: GDAL.

Thanks for your answer,
I will try to explain you exactly what I want to do:
Next week I want to be outside and do some measurements, I want when I am outside to mark my exact point. I want to use accurate maps and I have found an authority in germany that publish such maps (I am gonna buy those, these maps are distributed as geotiffs files). When I am outside now I want to use a program so to mark my position with a good acccuracy. After the measurements are over would be ideal if I can export directly thse locations directly from the program to some file (binary?,ascii?)


If I understand right, you are going to scale your position off the map by relating the ground features surrounding you to what you can see depicted on the map, and as opposed to–for example–using a GPS to obtain your position and then plot that on the map. Am I surmising correctly? If so, QGis is as suitable tool for the purpose. Just visit their forums or post here for further assistance.