I want to test openSuse for use in school and one Application we need is GeoGebra. But when I try to install Geogebra, I get the message, that the application is missing java jre 1.4.2 or higher, though I installed sun’s jdk_6_u12 for x64 before and it’s working fine with BlueJ.

Please open up YAST and go into Software Management.
Type jre into the search field and tell me if you have jre installed.](

java-1_6_0-openjdk - Java runtime environment based on OpenJDK 6 and IcedTea 6

is marked as installed software.

As Linux newbie I have to ask: in the java folders of jdk6u12 there is a subfolder jre. And in windows (sorry) the jre ist automatically installed if I install the jdk.

I’m not sure what the whole deal is with Openjdk and IcedTea. I have no idea what IcedTea is.

I have jre installed from the .rpm from the java website and I got your program to work. Perhaps you should wait for someone with more OpenJDK experience to come help you out.

Otherwise you could try downloading and installing the jre from Java Downloads for All Operating Systems - Sun Microsystems

Try the linux RPM (self extracting file) from that site.

If you have any trouble I have a guide to help you install the rpm from the java website.

help installing jre-6u12-linux-i586-rpm.bin. - openSUSE Forums

or you can just ask here.

Hope this helps!

I solved the Problem by de-installing all Java Packages of openjdk and icetea.

Then I searched in Yast2 (having added all online repositories of opensuse) for sun and found jre160u12 and installed it.

After that I succeeded in installing GeoGebra.