Generic-x86-64 vs Core 2/newer Xeon

Hi all,

Just a simple question: I have a core 2 duo on opensuse 11.1. The default kernel is compiled with Generic-x86-64 for the cpu support.

What’s the difference between the generic support and for example “Core 2/newer Xeon” ? More performance ? Or generic support compile the support for all supported CPU in this category ?


Amaury D.

Possibly, but it all hinges on what basis the CPU is on.
The generic is there mainly to be a bridge just in case, its sort of a catch all kernel built as a “just in case” measure.
At least thats what it seems like, I am unsure of the exact difference.

Generic x86-64 is for all processors that are/support 64-bit. It does not include any specific CPU optimizations and will run on all

Core2 kernel will use GCC optimizations and flags to compile the kernel for that specific CPU.

When it comes to performance, you hardly get any if you change from generic to Core2 kernel

Generic x86-64 kernel is the way to go for distro’s that want to have a very broad 64-bit PC support, regardless if your PC uses an Intel or AMD processor