Generate live boot from regular system installation

Hi. Is there a way to generate a live boot from a regular, working, configured installation of OpenSuse 11.3 Gnome?



That is a good question. I don’t know if KIWI can help you in this : Portal:KIWI - openSUSE

You mean a CD/DVD, USB device that you can boot from, and run the same install as the one you have on your hdd now?

  • not without a lot of trouble concerning CD/DVD
  • yes, you could ‘dd’ the entire install, incl. homedirs etcetera, to a USB disk, change some config files, boot from it and run it. I used to have such an install before LiveCD’s were common.
  • you could also simply perform an equal install on a USB disk, and create and use partitions on that disk.

Thank you, but moving this to the boot / installation forum.