general use problem

im trying to find if there is a way that the OS doesnt ask for a password when trying to access Yast and other functions on the GUI side, i understand that in terminal it is okay because of permissions, but is there a way to change that on the front side, or is it impossible because the GUI is so closely tied with the terminal end.

also I try and delete certain items on the computer and it won;t let me, saying i dont have permission, but im the only user on the computer and it should be the root username so there shouldnt be a permissions problem.

help with both of these would be great.

Through the lines there’s a lot of misunderstanding about permissions. Root is not the user to login with. Like ‘adminstrator’ is not for Windows. While everybody does so in Windows and therefore we have virus programmers.

In linux there is a separation between the system and it’s users. The superuser root is only to be used for system operations, like installing things. Users have their own permissions and space. This allows me to let my children do anything they want, because I know they can in no way harm my system.
When the system tells you you cannot delete items, it’s simply because these items are not yours. They belong to other users or to the system.
For you, you’re the only user on the system. Well, you’re not. No linux system can do without a root user. And there’s more, check the file /etc/passwd and you’ll see.
Question: why are you trying to remove what? If you give me some examples I can explain why you cannot or should not remove them

As for the software installer: it can only be used with root-privileges and therefore asks you to provide root’s password. This makes that only the installer is run as root, the rest is run as normal user.

As with @Knurpht, I’m not inclined to make this easy for you. All you are likely to succeed in doing is wreaking your install, then bleat about it, giving Linux a bad name. What you propose is seriously bad practice.

im a mac user at heart and its what i normally use, so im used to having to have the computer permission to do installs,etc…etc… but i helping out a friend who i just switched him to suse from windows because windows was falling at life in short. Im just trying to make his transition to linux smoother so functions somewhat like windows, if you know what i mean, im trying to make it easy for him because hes not really into terminal and the back end of the OS. so why did it get him linux then? well we were planning on doing the OSx86 install on it but found to many conflicts with the bios and hardware and things just dont function well.

so if i can get it simpler i.e. not asking for a password everytime you try to access the yasT, that would be great. im new to this OS to so i dont know what can and cant be done, but i can do what needs to be done because of the UNIX | X11 back end like mac.

also i just want to be able to delete locked files, i.e. online help and the openSUSE icons on the desktop,stuff like that

thanks for the help in advance

So you are using Gnome then. You can go su in a terminal to remove those desktop files.

I’m fairly certain Yast will always require the root password.

You can however add your friend to the sudoers list: Administer with Sudo - openSUSE

I still don’t advise it though.

thanks again