General queries

Just a few general items from newsee to suse

anti virus etc ?
don`t need it do i with linux

firewall etc
i`ve loaded the one that came with the o/s

disc cleaners …ie c cleaner etc
do i need one

webcam ???
how do i get one to work

cpu fan speed/temp
i tried gkrellm not overly impressed what else is there ?

but its only been a week and im getting used to it slowly,found myself reading up on the history of the whole computing thing didn`t know that linux powers servers etc etc
and the suse history …how do you pronounce it???

ok boring chat :X
Cheers Tony

For now no - perhaps in the future.

The firewall is “All out, none in” -style solution so if you need more fine grained control than that you might want to look at alternative solutions.


HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE

Pronouncing “suse” - openSUSE Forums

thanks for the info :wink: