General Problem with Powerdevil


I installed Opensuse 12.2 with KDE 4.8.5 on my laptop (Acer aspire). My problem is, that the Powerdevil service is not running and can’t be activated with the system settings tool.
The result is, that I don’t have different energy settings for being on akku power or on line current.

Has anybody any Ideas for me.



PS: with opensuse 12.1 it worked perfectly.

On 09/29/2012 03:46 PM, MajorArnone wrote:
> Has anybody any Ideas for me.

KDE 4.8x is born with built in power management (i think not named
powerdevil though it might employ that in some way) try this:

menu > Personal Settings - Configure Desktop > Hardware > Power Management…

when that opens up you should have on the far left “Global Settings”
(with focus) and “Power Profiles” (below and without focus) on the right
side in the Profile Assignment section you should be able to spin to
select which “power profile” you wish to be associated with each
condition (plugged in, unplugged, batter low, batter VERY low)…

then you can switch from Global Setting and setup each profile

help button in lower left…and Apply button lower right, when you have
it set as you wish…

Q: Major in which branch?


I agree
Powerdevil went away ages ago

See @DD’s pointers