General KDE4 usage questions (openSUSE 11.3)

I’ve just installed 11.3 and this is my first real use of KDE4.

I like the fact that the Desktop folder appears in its own window distinct from the desktop itself. I’ve noticed, however, that the icons for images (previews) are “smudged” and do not resemble the images at all. Has anyone else experienced this?

The little toolbar that pops out of the side of the window is annoying. Can that be configured to only appear on a right-mouse click or something? The lack of tooltips is also annoying - I have no idea what half of those buttons do without trying them.

I like to hide clutter and it occurred to me that it would be nice if I could have that window retract into the side or top of the screen, only popping out if I move the mouse near or use some key combination. Is this possible?

Other than that I think this GUI will just need a little bit of getting used to… :wink:

That toolbar only appears as long as widget are unlocked. Lock widgets, and you’ll have no toolbars popping out.

Do you mean the buttons on the widget toolbars? There is nothing much to know about them. One of them is to resize the widget, one is to rotate the widget, one is to configure the widget, one is to close the widget. Sometimes there is one to open the associated application.

What I did was to put a Quick Access widget onto my panel. In its normal state it is just an icon, but there is a window that pops up when I click on that icon.