GeForce 9500 GT installation

I’ve recently upgraded the card and that caused some problems with my opensuse 11 installation. The one click install didn’t work the way it should, so I tried to build a kernel module. Removed nvidia repo and the drivers I used with my old nvidia card (G01).
Downloaded from nvidia site.
Used ctrl+alt+F1 got to init 3 and ran the installer using :

sh --x-module-path=/usr/lib64/xorg/modules/ -q

It required kernel-source so I got it using zypper.
When it was done, I configured it with “sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia” and got back to init 5.
Edited xorg-conf using nvidia-config and it works fine now, hopefully I won’t have to do it again when I update the kernel.
Thanks to all the people writing feedback and how-to’s this hardware upgrade went very well. Cheers

New beta driver version 177.78 provides support for 9500GT (I mean, probably better support since you had problems with latest, stable drivers), and yes, unfortunatelly, when installing from installer you must recompile module after each kernel update :frowning:

Yes, but it forces you to get used to the CLI, which is not really a BAD thing. And at least you know it will work, unlike these hit and miss one-click installs.

Upgraded to x86_64-177.80 today, skipped the sax2 part, everything works fine as far as I know. Going to try KDE 4.1 effects now, looks fun.