Geekos DAW (libre music-making repository for openSUSE)

I can’t find anything about this on the forum, so like to share it.

Original post is from Linux Musicians forum.


in the past month Jo Boschetti, a veteran openSUSE contributor, started collecting a lot of libre music-making software for GNU/Linux in a single repository on OBS (which is a mix between Github/Gitlab and Arch Linux’ AUR). I joined him after a while, we curated some of the software already available on openSUSE and packaged some that was missing.

That repository for free/libre and open source music-making software for openSUSE is now called Geekos DAW. It’s a bit like KXStudio, but for openSUSE Leap instead of Debian/Ubuntu. We decided to focus on Leap because it has a stable core and you can choose which programs you want to keep up to date (our repo is rolling).

We thank a lot of people, in particular all the developers of those programs and openSUSE, other openSUSE packagers (such as edogawa @ OBS), packagers on other distros (especially Arch Linux’s AUR), people who were helpful in many ways even if they don’t know it (rnbnc, falkTX, fundamental), and this forum for helping us figure out some stuff (such as how zyn-fusion works).

We hope Geekos DAW can help people make music on GNU/Linux without much hassle, and hope this can help GNU/Linux become more popular among musicians.

You can find a screenshot in the attachments, courtesy of Jo.

I am using openSUSE and LMMS for years now.

Many times had issues with LMMS, so it was not without hassle, but this might change.

To some extent , for LMMS the problem is already solved.
We can download an appimage file from LMMS site.

But this is not just about lmms and carla, we will have a music making repository. :slight_smile:

Ardour will be their too.