Gedit with sudo

Hi, I’m new to opensuse and I set-up my Sudo it works but when I use Gedit I get the following message

Jean-Luc@localhost:~> sudo gedit /etc/fstab

(gedit:7137): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

samething with /etc/sudoers

If I use vi it’s ok, I can modify and save.

In Fedora it run ok, but with opensuse???

thank you.

Well to be honest I never use sudo I just use su -, but I think you must have set something wrong when you configured because you should have not needed to configure anything. Sudo should work out of the box.

Try this.

gedit /etc/fstab


gnomesu gedit /etc/fstab

Gnomesu is the GTK+ front end for su.

Hi, that’s fine if anyone don’t known, I’ll try an alternate command. Maybe people with opensuse don’t use sudo often but in Fedora it’s work great.

Thank you.

It’s more of openSUSE using a bit tighter security, you could modify
the sudoers (visudo) file to run the xhost+ local:root and your
commands, but IMHO it’s easier to use the builtin gnomesu/kdesu than
modify a file that may be over written on an update.

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Hi, thats what I did edit the visudo file, but I still get the gedit error, thank anyway so I’ll try another way to edit the files.


My point is the sudo does work out of the box. The first time you run it you get a little lecture before you enter the root password but then it runs as expected. You do not have to do configuration. I think the OP miss configured it.

I’ve find these site before posting.
Before it didn’t work after it did.

Administer with Sudo - openSUSE

How to configure sudo and delegate authority in openSUSE | SUSE & openSUSE

I’m not sure what the argument for sudo is. You could use vi (or nano) to edit the file. These are text-based editors. But, if you prefer a GUI, gnomesu (or kdesu) is used for this purpose.