Gedit default window size

I’m using GNOME, so default plain text editor is Gedit.

In other distributions (probably on other desktop environments as well), I noticed if deleting an application’s directory inside user’s .conf directory I could reset all its default settings, including default window size.

But seemingly this was not the case for Gedit on Leap with GNOME. Deleting it’s directory inside .conf did not reset default factory window size, it’s still like I -erroneously- had previously set it.

Moreover, I realized gedit folder inside .conf only has one plain text file, with only 3 commented lines. So probably no wonder it didn’t work, but then,

  1. what on Earth is it for?

  2. I normally always delete the “recently-used.xbel” file inside .local/share, but I hadn’t deleted anything inside .conf since clean-installing Leap, until now. No bad consequence because of this? Kind of, I’d have liked to keep the gedit folder inside .conf from since Leap instalaltion time…

Hi, I see no .conf directory here, so maybe you meant .config/gedit? There you might find some (not all) user configs, e.g. print settings like page size etc.; if you only saw the “accels” file there, you didn’t set any of those and so lost nothing by deleting the folder.
Other settings, including window size, are probably buried inside Gnome gconf database (not a Gnome specialist here :frowning: ): you might be able to change some by installing gconf-editor.
To reset (or simply change) your Gedit window size, open Gedit, change the window size by dragging the lower right corner, close Gedit. On the next invocation you will see the window size you set.
Ah, unless you are in full-screen mode (try F11) or maximized window (double click on the title-bar).

Yes, I meant .conf/gedit, in which I currently have only the accel file, which has just 3 commented lines in its content.

Does anyone here know if this kind of content inside .conf/gedit is certainly the default for gedit when first running it on a clean fresh Leap installation?

**~/.config/**gedit/accels is the only file created for a fresh user here.

With gedit closed, temporarily rename the configuration file.

Open gedit, it will create a new configuration file with default settings.

Close gedit and look at the file contents…

Even with a brand new clean Leap installation?
So your file has also just 3 commented lines in its contents as well?
So I did not loose nor damage anything by deleting ~/.config/gedit directory? And gedit’s default window size is just stored somewhere else in Gnome’s settings?

Yes, confirming that this is exactly what I see here.