gear at login won't switch Desktops


I installed cinnamon desktop and gnome
desktop, when I go to log in by using the gear
to select cinnamon desktop or gnome, when
I log in it is still kde, I have installed the other
desktops, but they will not open, was asking
what do i need to do to get the desktops to
switch between kde, gnome, cinnamon…ect,
by using the gear, at the log in screen.

How exactly did you install them?

Have you tried IceWM, that should work in a standard installation.

Also try with a new user, does it work there?

Do you have an ~/.xinitrc? Try to remove it, it might override the desktop selection.

I installed it with zypper install,
I can create a new user account and try it
I’ll remove the ~/.xinitrc file and see if that works first.

I deleted the xinitrc file
and added a new user account
after some fiddling, it works!
thanks for the tip.:wink:

Please, start telling which version of openSUSE you use, before people are trying to help you based on the wrong one.

Well, as the ~/.xinitrc is of course user-specific, only one of the two things (i.e. either create a new user or delete ~/.xinitrc) should have sufficed.

And what fiddling did you have to do?

ok, Just to clarify my opensuse is 13.1

and I had to create the new user account,

and then after i deleted the xinitrc file, I could not

log in to my other account, and so I had to use the

command line, and put the xinitrc file back, so now

I have a user using kde and the new user I created

can use all the desktops I installed, cinnamon, gnome,

kde,…etc. I’m happy with my setup now.

Erm, which file exactly did you delete?

I was talking about a file .xinitrc in your user’s home directory. You should be perfectly able to login without that.

At least it works with the new user now. That’s another indication it’s caused by something in your home directory…

ok, I’m going to check my home directory files to see if i can find what’s wrong.