Geany package - include color schemes


how can I make proposal or make change to the default packgae? I think it would be great, when installing geany to have color schemes included in the package.

Thank you.

Geany supports color schemes through plugins and simply placing themes in the proper application directory

Some info

A Github User’s project (one of my fav sources for this kind of stuff)

Customizing your Geany with colorization is easy to do.


I know how to copy additional themes. But my request is about having all available themes " " to be installed by default with “geany” package when installing geany from openSUSE repository.

Most here are your fellow openSUSE users and they can not do much about such a request.

Maybe you should go here:

BTW the same user name / password as here should log you in there.

OK, I will try that.

Thank you.