GDM Unable To Authenticate User

On my laptop (Installed From LiveCD) and my Acer Aspire One Netbook (Installed From Net Install) OpenSuSE 11.1 I get the following when I’ve installed the system and I try to log in:

Unable To Authenticate User

On the GDM screen. After this GDM simply crashes and I can’t even restart the computer by doing:

shutdown -h 0 or reboot, nothing happens, it locks the machine up.

Since this also happens when I Install the 32bit edition on my main computer with Gnome I’m guessing that it’s not a problem related to my systems and I’m using different install media too.

This does not happen on the x64 version when I install from the DVD. The username and password is correct as well, I really can’t figure out why it’s doing this and I have not found anything that can help me when I searched Google.

Can you log in as root? Or can you log in from tty1?
On the 11.0 Promo DVD, if I did a live install, I had a similar problem, although the computer did not freeze up. I had to log in as root and create a new user with YaST.

Yes I can log in using TTYs. I won’t log on as root on X unless I really have to.


Different from the problem I had then :slight_smile:
A massively unsubtle trial-and-error attempt would be to reinstall gnome + X but I wouldn’t want to do that. Hopefully someone else can help…


It’s okay thanks anyway.

I’m not going to reinstall Gnome because I’ve reinstalled using the liveCD and it never made a difference, and even when I install from the netinstall I’m still getting the same problem which is affecting 3 machines so it can’t be a problem with the install media.

GDM Works fine on Fedora 10 which I believe is using the same version of GDM.

Any solutions?