gdm to kde

i did:
init 3

ok but now I want to go back to kde. How? yast etc. nothing works in 11.2

I tried gnome because blender has no minimize etc. buttons but gnome is the same. Any ideas how i could view an image while working in Blender?

I think, if you had simply typed gdm to bring up Gnome, it should automatically go back to KDE when you reboot.

Otherwise, edit the file /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and set the variable DISPLAYMANAGER=“kdm4”.

i know but it seems broken. always gnome is coming up

What do you get if you do:

init 3

the same! gnome desktop…i removed gdm and I’ll see what happens after the next reboot

still the same even after removing gdm or changing the scripts. i can use xdm however to manually log into kde

You have Gnome as the last saved session for the user. Pick KDE4 from the Session option after changing gdm to kdm4 in the login screen.

not possible something is broken probably with the first sick >:( update.

AFAICS you messed up things, trying to repair. I suggest you reinstall.