gdm security update 4250 - no details


I am new to opensuse (11.4) and today I see a security update, gdm version 4250, but when I click on it there is no information about it. Is this safe to install? I just thought usually security updates have a rundown of what the patch is fixing.


I suggest you check back after a few hours. They may have put the explanation up by then.

You mean you click on the item in an opened Update applet? Yes, normaly there is some explanation (often only the numbers of the reports).
I do not know why it isn’t in this case and as I have 11.2 and no gdm I can not compare with what I have. There is often an anouncement in SUSE Linux Enterprise Security, you could check there.

nrickert got it. I checked later and there was a description there when I clicked on the update. thanks