gdm loads as blank (noisy grey) screen // GNOME only uses x11 -- not Wayland

This is my first time trying GNOME.
lightdm loads fine and so does GNOME;
however, it is using x11 (I’d like to use Wayland).


I used yast’s “alternatives” to switch to gdm, but when I boot it gives me a “noisy” (white speckles) grey screen.
journalctl claims it loaded.

I uninstalled xf86-video-intel, but I get the same results.

Tumbleweed 20190721
Intel HD Graphics 4600

Using my NVIDIA GTX 750 via HDMI (VGA for the Intel chip) gdm loads and gnome is using Wayland!

I uninstalled xf86-video-nouveau and it still works. The performance is inferior to the proprietary driver (tested using google map’s satellite view), but there is no tearing!

The speckled grey background is gdm’s background, so it’s just not loading the login entry (or anything other than the background) using the Intel graphics chip. I wonder if the problem is VGA (the only option) or that it’s an older intel chip.

I am not having any problems with “gdm” here. And this is using Intel graphics with older chips.

Yes, “gdm” has a grey background, but it does not look speckled to me.

In my experience, I run Gnome-Wayland if I use “lightdm”. I can only do that with “gdm” or “sddm”.

The problem was having both the VGA and HDMI cables connected at the same time.

The kernel nouveau driver was spamming complaints (gr: DATA_ERROR 0000009c…) even though it was working with the NVIDIA card.

“So while it initially manifested in Wayland, I believe it relates to the GPU switching.”


I also have no tearing with the intel chip, and performance seems slightly better >_<.

Okay. Thanks for that explanation.